Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Cruising Courses for Hamilton, ON

The Following courses are SailCanada (CYA) Standards and include 2017 Course Fees:

Basic Courses

Introduction to Basic Cruising  - 2 evenings $200
Basic Crew Standard  - taken as part of the Basic Cruising Standard
Basic Cruising Standard - Individual $750

​Basic Cruising Standard Live Aboard - 2 weekends Friday evening to Sunday $850

Intermediate Courses

Introduction to Intermediate Cruising - 2 Evenings $200
Intermediate Crew Standard - take as part of the Intermediate Cruising Standard
Lake Ontario Intermediate Cruising Standard (Live aboard) - Individual $1000, Group Rate $900

British Columbia Adventure Intermediate Cruising Standard - $1500 based on a group of 4 students, airfare extra, subject to variations in charter prices. 

Advanced Cruising Courses

Multi-lake seven day adventures, Hamilton to Midland and Midland to Hamilton, day/night sailing with two instructors.  $1250 based on a group of 4 students.

Adventure Cruising Courses

Five day BC Adventure Cruising Courses aimed at the Intermediate Student $1500, based on a group of 4 students.  There may be a seasonal adjustment in the quoted fee.

Supplementary Courses

Pleasure Craft Operators Card - $65
VHF Radio - ROC (M) - $90
Pre ICC Navigation Refresher Course - included in the ICC package, if required.

St John Ambulance First Aid and CPR for boaters - $100, includes certificates and materials.


Where applicable fees include log books, seals, PCOC and ROC (M) Registration.
Ashore classes and exams are included in the Basic and Intermediate standards and PCOC included in the Basic Cruising Standard, if required.   

A Group is 4 students.  Maximum number of students is 5.

A 50% deposit is required with all bookings and final payment prior to commencement of the courses on day 1.

HST, airfare and land transport, if applicable, is not included in the fees shown above.

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