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SailTrillium's course cruises will take you from "street" to "fleet", as your confidence builds.  The lake is our playground and it's Marina's ours to visit.  BC's Gulf Island courses add adventure to your learning environment.

Sailtrillium intermediate Cruising Instruction


Learn to sail in a safe, fun environment on course dates of your choosing, either out of Hamilton or Toronto.  Learn Power or Sail on your own vessel.  Alternatively join our BC Adventure Cruising Courses. Standard First Aid and CPR.


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SailTrillium Basic,  Intermediate & Advanced Cruising Courses. + PCOC and ROC (M)  certification

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This is what one of our 2016 students said of our courses:

Great Course!
I completed a 5 day Intermediate Cruising Course aboard Trillium in June 2016. I’d like to thank Nigel and Hugh for creating a friendly, engaging and supportive learning environment. We had the benefit of having two highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors coaching us patiently throughout the program. This course has given me the knowledge and the confidence on how to plan and sail a multi-day cruise safely and enjoyably. Hovik

Join Trillium for our on-board classes in PCOC,  VHF - ROC (M) or a Navigation refresher for your Intermediate Cruising Instruction.  We offer a two weekend course, or five weekday, format for SailCanada Basic  Cruising Sailing Instruction, with PCOC and ROC(M); also Intermediate Crew and Intermediate Cruising Sailing Instruction.  Bespoke formats to suit a student's availability can be arranged.  Courses included log books and Ontario Sailing's seals.